Coloronda “Alfa de Oro” 2020

Coloronda “Alfa de Oro” 2020 with CeramiTherm

Coloronda’s exclusive ceramic glaze CeramiTherm was the winner of the Alfa de Oro [Gold award] at Cevisama 2020. This product, fully developed by the firm's technical department, is the first ceramic glaze with thermal warmth properties. It has thermal characteristics similar to wood, but the durability and ease of cleaning of porcelain tile. Coloronda has prevailed in solving an important challenge in the ceramics sector - that of creating thermal warmth in porcelain stoneware.

Interior porcelain flooring of wood imitation styles is sought after in today’s market; however their inherent material nature typically provides a cold sensation to the feet. This handicap increases the demand for real wood flooring products which offer much more pleasant thermal contact characteristics than those of porcelain tile. But wooden surfaces have a lower durability over time, and, require greater maintenance and care than porcelain. The new CeramiTherm glaze solves this problem. Now wood, marble or any other aesthetic in porcelain tile flooring can have a feeling of warmth similar to that of wood, while maintaining the resistance, durability and ease of cleaning of porcelain.

CeramiTherm has been fully developed by the technicians of the R&D department of Coloronda, following the mandate to generate innovative products that provide a competitive advantage and the greatest possible value-added, in order to guarantee success for all their customers.


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