Corporate Social Responsibility

Coloronda is committed to improving the work environment.

At Coloronda, we have a firm commitment to improving our work environment which is reflected in several of our performance areas. Our ethical code of conduct inspires the way our staff behaves, and as such we have created and implemented labour harassment, money laundering prevention and compliance protocols, amongst other measures.

In Coloronda we strive to improve, and to value, the outcomes we generate, from an economic, social and environmental point of view. This behaviour is part of our strategy and our management model. Something that our customers perceive and appreciate and that leads us to provide each one of them with the best service.

Workplace harassment protocol (Download PDF)
Workplace harassment is a scourge for any company, so at Coloronda, we have implemented our own protocols in order to cut out, and eliminate, any type of situation in this area.

Code of ethics of conduct (Download PDF)
Our code of ethics reflects the ethical model of behaviour that inspires the actions of each of our professionals, as well as, the principles of business ethics of Coloronda, and its commitment to society.

Prevention of money laundering
We are committed to and collaborate in a determined way, to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Coloronda has also implemented a COMPLIANCE Management System which consists in the preparation and adoption of a set of procedures and good practices, which allow for the identification and classification of the operational and legal risks to which both the company, and the people that comprise it, are exposed to day by day. To this end, internal mechanisms have been established for prevention, management, control and reaction to these risks in diverse areas such as: anti-corruption, money laundering, risk prevention, ethical codes, and data protection.