Video GRAVITEC installation by Coloronda

Gravitec, the easy installation of ceramic pieces without major works 

In less than two minutes, the company visually shows the advantages of the system and the installation of the new GRAVITEC ferromagnetic coating. It saves time, adds both versatility and environmental sustainability.

Through four simple steps, Coloronda details in this video the assembly system of Gravitec, the innovative ferromagnetic enamel that revolutionizes the installation of tiles. It was awarded the “Premio Alfa Oro” (Gold Alfa Award) at Cevisama 2021. The company shows on video the distinct phases of the installation process of this new magnetic ceramic and its main advantages. It saves time and works for the user, but also the ease of renovating surfaces whenever desired. 

The video shows the entire process from the assembly of the structure and magnetic sheets, prior to the installation, to the installation of the Gravitec ceramic tiles. It is easy to install and renew with strong adhesion and eco-sustainability. It also shows the sealing process, which is the last phase of the process. It provides a detailed finish as that of traditional fitting.

Once the structure and special drywall panels have been installed, the Gravitec coating adheres cleanly and easily to the surface of the walls. The bonding of this magnetic ceramic is so secure that it can be placed from the top to the bottom of the wall, and can be refitted, combined, or changed whenever you want without the need of major works.

The installation is even easier on the floor. Once levelled, or on the existing surface to be substituted a fine ferromagnetic mesh is applied, allowing the Gravitec pieces to adhere to it. This innovative Coloronda magnetic coating offers great versatility and ease of changing tiles, without the need for destructive operations. It avoids dirt, for both removal and replacement of ceramic tiles unlike the traditional bonding process.

Its environmental sustainability meets time saving and fast assembly. These characteristics add value to the product and have caught the interest of sectors such as construction, hospitality, architecture and interior design, and private individuals themselves. 

Gravitec, the 2021 Cevisama Gold Alpha Award, is an example of the strong commitment to innovation by Coloronda, a company in constant search of solutions that move the industry toward a future of opportunities.


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