Incomparable textures with Tekton-Ink

In its commitment to development and innovation, Coloronda has created a digital inkjet ink capable of generating incredible textures.

Incomparable textures with Tekton-Ink, from the Coloronda company which continues with its policy of innovation and the development of new products for its customers. And, in order to enhance their product offering, they have created the new Tekton-Ink. Tekton-Ink possesses the exclusive quality of generating a micro-relief, or a series of rough surfaces, in the final piece, giving it a greater realism, and an added value to the collections of its clients.

The continuous growth of digital injection in the ceramics field "forces" exhaustive research and development of new inks capable of improvement and innovation in the quality of the finished product. Most of the effects of the digital injection are capable of giving the final piece greater shine, greater matte-ness, create small depressions in the piece, or even enhance lustre. But until now, it has not been possible to realize a micro-relief through this process, as has been achieved by the new Tekton-Ink.

Tekton-Ink, the ink developed exclusively by Coloronda, is a novel and powerful product, capable of generating different types of textures with relief, on different ceramic bases, with the aim of enhancing the decorative aspect of the pieces through colour, textures and finishes. The range of effects achieved with Tekton-Ink gives the ceramic pieces a high added value by capturing micro-relieves with very high precision, which are very difficult to generate with other inks, and corrugations that give the ceramic pieces incomparable textures.

With the new Tekton-Ink, Coloronda is at the forefront of a new generation of inks capable of giving more realism to the coating, not only visually, but also tactilely. The ability to surprise with this new ink, only confirms the firm commitment of Coloronda to research and development of new products.


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