Great success of Coloronda at Cersaie 2019

The Onda firm continues to bet on boosting its Tekton-Ink product line.  The novelty, exclusivity and realism of these products received a grand reception at the last trade fair in Valencia, it has also been a success in the Italian event.  Coloronda continues to explore all the possibilities of this new generation of inks, and the development of new products offering the tactile sensations of reliefs.

Tekton-Ink is an ink capable of generating micro-reliefs, and rough textures. It offers design possibilities at levels yet to be encountered in the marketplace.  The capacity of Tekton-Ink to embody technical characteristics to appreciable effect gives it distinctive added value.  These effects are not only visual, but also offer tactile sensations.  Unlike other inks on the market which are based on the repellent effect, these inks create precision, and maximum resolution, via the sole deposition of the ink without a requirement for subsequent applications.

Expectations for Tekton-Ink run high.  It is a very versatile material with great potential to create pieces that free the imagination through incomparable sensation.  In Teckton-Ink, Coloronda has met its objective in the search for an ink offering not only remarkable visual effect, but which traverses into the world of tactile ceramics.  With Tekton-Ink concept becomes reality.

In this edition of Cersaie'19, Coloronda also presented a wide and novel range of white matte enamels; a tone chosen for its simplicity and elegance.  In this product line, they have developed several very attractive designs and reliefs.  This product range can produce stoned textures which are pleasant to the touch, as well as satin finishes.

Among the other novelties that Coloronda exhibited, are granule coatings of silver, gold and lustre effect, as well as those of a stoned matte finish flooring with a pleasant tactile sensation.  Likewise, they will present large-format porcelain with polished finishes, both of enamel and grained.


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