Gravitec at the Onda Tile Museum

Coloronda’s Gravitec, the first magnetic enamel for ceramic tiles installation without the need of construction works, winner of the “Alfa de Oro” award in Cevisama 2020, has become part of the Tile Museum “Manolo Safont” in Onda.

The presentation ceremony was held last Tuesday, September 23rd. It was chaired by the Mayor of Onda, Carmina Ballester, and the President of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass, Alfredo González. We shall not forget the Museum's “Alfa de Oro” collection space has been active since 2013 and houses 70% of all innovative ceramic products created from 1977 to the present.

Gravitec Magnetic Coating, is the new installation system that gives - in contrast to the traditional system - a great versatility and ease to change ceramic tiles against the traditional bonding process. The methodology of this innovative solution eliminates the noise, dust and discomfort associated with ceramic installation using the traditional system. Up until now, there was no product in the industry capable of providing ceramic tile with new features related to their placement.

Once again, Coloronda demonstrates the firm’s strong commitment to ongoing innovation and to bringing added value to clients with the inclusion of CeramiTherm in the permanent “Alfa de Oro” Collection of the Tile Museum.


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