Find out Coloronda showroom 360º

Coloronda launches a 360º Virtual Exhibition with which it promotes the presentation of its products. It strengthens the direct connection with the ceramic companies that integrate its network of clients and highlights its identity, guided by the strong commitment to investment in R&D. 

Completely intuitive and adapted to different mobile devices, this virtual experience consolidates the firm's commitment to bring the entire range of innovative solutions for the ceramic industry in an immediate, interactive, agile, and comfortable way. Its distinctive products like Tekton-Ink, inks capable of creating micro reliefs and enhancing ceramic designs 

The new Coloronda 360º platform shows the endless technical and aesthetic versatility of Coloronda's products, also offering our clients the chance to discover the potential of the Alfa de Oro Awards at Cevisama 2020 and 2021, CeramiTherm, the first ceramic glazing with thermal warmth properties and Gravitec, the innovative ferromagnetic enamel that revolutionizes ceramic placement.

This 360º Virtual Exhibition incorporates a technical sheet by clicking on any of the products that integrate this virtual universe, to precisely provide information on its characteristics. 

Find out how we can help you. Visit CLORONDA 360º!


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