Coloronda Second consecutive “Gold Alpha” with "GRAVITEC Magnetic Coating"

Coloronda has been awarded, for the second year in a row, with the "Golden Alpha" for the manufacture of "GRAVITEC Magnetic Coating by Coloronda" the innovative magnetic enamel that revolutionizes wall mounting.

Carrying on with its strong commitment to research and innovation, Coloronda approached this innovative system by developing a ferromagnetic coating. It is ideal for the installation of the pieces on surfaces capable of generating a permanent magnetic field by magnetic fixation. Gravitec by Coloronda is a novelty installation system that brings great versatility and ease of changing tiles. It does not require destructive operations for both the removal and the replacement, or substitution of ceramic coatings as opposed to the traditional adhesion process.

The methodology of this innovative solution eliminates the noise, dust and discomfort associated with ceramic installation using the traditional system. Up until now, there was no product in the industry capable of providing ceramic tile with new features related to their placement. Not to mention something that represents a new system of reversible, simple, fast and environmentally sustainable installation. It is something that has been seen very positively from many industries like construction, hospitality, architecture, interior design or homeowners.

Tests carried out following current regulations have confirmed the excellent durability, adhesion and resistance to different factors presented by the new magnetic enamel, as well as being a 100% safe system for both electronic equipment and people with pacemakers.

The commercialization of Gravitec will mean, for both Coloronda and the rest of the ceramic business, the possibility of opening a new market that currently does not exist in comparison with other products and competing areas. The installation of ceramic parts, incorporating the developed ferromagnetic coating, will provide a simple, functional and ecological replacement system.    


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