Coloronda launches a new website

Coloronda reformulates her 'online' cover letter with an exclusive and responsive design website

With this new portal, Coloronda strengthens its international presence and gains a new platform for direct interaction with its clients

The company strengthens its international presence with the new portal, with which it exhibits its identity and gains a platform of direct and planetary information with its clientele. 

Bringing to the online world the same level of quality exhibited by its products and services, Coloronda further consolidates its international presence in a new website.  The Onda company specializes in cutting-edge inks and products for the ceramics industry, and this website reflects its ongoing innovation. 

The web design team aimed to capture the essence of the Coloronda company. The end product is a 100% custom website created through a collective and cooperative design process, executed by the studio of Álvaro Bautista Design.  This exclusive design is intuitive to use and aims to strengthen client relations while making an impact on the global ceramics industry. 

Extrapolate to the online world the quality of the products and services of the firm Coloronda and consolidate its international dimension even more. These two premises have guided the redesign of the new website of the Onda company, specialized in cutting-edge inks and products for the ceramics industry. A collective project and tailored to the suggestions and needs raised by the company and shaped by the study Álvaro Bautista Design, which has captured and reflected in the web portal values ​​that sign the signature. The result of this cooperative, empathetic and constant feedback process results in a 100% personalized website, with an exclusive and intuitive design, designed to strengthen ties with the clientele and make a difference in a world as globalized as ceramics.

The new website is an inspiration.  It demonstrates a level of professionalism and versatility equal only to the Coloronda product and service team.  It radiates the technological innovation, which is a hallmark of the company while maintaining ease of navigation thanks to a minimalistic design.  A design that is equally effective on mobile devices.  

The new Coloronda website inspires professionalism and versatility, as its human team. And it emanates technological innovation, the hallmark of the company. All this without giving up the simplicity provided by a minimal design that allows easy navigation, also on mobile devices.

The flower, which forms part of the company logo, provides a visual symbol of the company’s identity.  It represents balance and simplicity and is suggestive of the company’s main source of inspiration – nature.  The design is responsive, with a tailored balance of text and images.  

Its contents are distributed over a tailored design, responsive and with an unquestionable balance between text and image, which go through its symbol of visual identity, the characteristic flower. A logo that represents the main source of inspiration for the company: nature.

Colour is a key aspect of the design and gives a nod to the name of the firm. The design’s use of colour helps organise the content in a simple and intuitive way that aids navigation. With a minimalistic and contemporary design feel, each section is represented by a unique colour tone, with individual subsections and links displayed vertically. Key content is concentrated on the homepage to guarantee direct access to content. 



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