Big Coloronda success in Cersaie 2022

Great acceptance of the excellent sample of floral, textile and natural textures with TEKTON Ink, developed exclusively by Coloronda and capable of generating diverse types of textures. It has reliefs on different ceramic bases that enhances the decorative aspect of ceramic pieces. The large audience who visited the booth appreciated the latest design and finishing innovations of its TEKTON Ink very positively. It is obtained from the combination of several types of digital effects and glazes, which emphasizes the sensation of relief and enhances the touch.

In this edition of Cersaie’22, the great influx of visitors could also appreciate Gravitec Magnetic Coating by Coloronda, awarded with Alfa de Oro in 2021, the novel installation system that brings, as opposed to the traditional system, great versatility, and ease of change of ceramics, both on floors and walls, when compared to the traditional bonding process. This innovative Coloronda magnetic coating offers great versatility and ease in tile change, without the need for destructive operations and preventing dirt, both for the removal and replacement of ceramic flooring and coatings, unlike the traditional bonding process. 

Coloronda, a company in constant search of solutions to help the industry toward a future of opportunities thanks its visit to all its customers and friends.


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